Meet Anne: A Slap-In-The-Face Interview With a Child of Surrogacy


Have you ever wondered what a child born from surrogacy thinks about his or her origin? I know I’ve recently been thinking about it as I near delivery of my intended fathers’ baby boy. This is a two-part interview between a father through surrogacy and a young woman born via traditional surrogacy in the early 90s. It was a really interesting blog post!

Last month, I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at the first ever WordPress-sponsored Press Publish conference in Portland, Oregon. While I was there, I met tons of awesome people, but the one who probably sticks out the most to me was a young woman named Anne who spoke to me after my presentation. She wanted me to know that she was born through surrogacy herself. She was curious to meet my kids, because she’d never met anyone else who was born through surrogacy.

Anne Anne

She was a wonderful person — smart, polite, down-to-Earth, and we had a very nice chat. I promised to put her in touch with some people who might be able to help her find other people her age born through surrogacy, and she gave me her card.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about her, because I often wonder how my kids will feel…

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I turned 29 on my last birthday. I'm the mom to one precious little girl. My partner is amazing. I love sushi, travel, long books and the color blue. Welcome to my journey into surrogacy. Be sure to follow my blog to easily keep up with my posts!

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  1. I love it!
    At our national annual surrogacy conference here in Australia, we listen to the most well adjusted, well spoken, “normal” (hate that word) kids born from surrogacy, both here and overseas. They are thankful for their existence, have wonderful relationships with the women who birthed them but know exactly who their parents are. It is wonderful to watch them speak.

    • That sounds incredibly fascinating. I would really enjoy being able to take part in something like that one day. My IPs fully intend to tell their son his birth story, so I hope he will grow up happy, healthy and knowing he was so loved and wanted that his parents went to these remarkable efforts to bring him into being.

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