30 Week Bumpdate


Have I mentioned before that I love my Ob-Gyn clinic? 

I really, really do! Living in the Deep South, I’ll admit I had my concerns of how my surrogacy would be handled by others…. Especially considering I’m a lesbian and helping gay men. I have to say, though, my clinic has blown me away at every step. They’ve never shown the slightest hint that they may not approve or made me feel less than  anything but a valued patient. If you’ve never been treated differently because of who you are, you can’t really understand what a majorly big deal that is. 

Everyone at the office I talk to always seems so excited about my journey. They ask me about the dads and how they’re doing and are they getting excited. It makes me feel hopful to think that maybe in some small way seeing me, a regular, everyday person, doing this for such a deserving couple of guys helps to normalize and destigmatize the stereotypes associated with surrogacy and being gay/lesbian.

So, I had my 30 week appointment  this week and it went great! Baby has a great HB of 144 and is still head down. My levels all are very healthy. We discussed the results of my blood glucose test. They’re looking for a score under 131 and mine was 119 so apparently I “aced” it. Baby boy is measuring right on track and only a few days ahead now instead of a week+. The doctor said that’s a good sign for an easier delivery. 👍

This appointment was with one of the other doctors at the practice. I was slightly nervous at first because I wasn’t sure if he knew about the surrogacy and if that would make him uncomfortable. But he knew all about it and was funny and kind. As he’s looking for the heartbeat he joked, “So, I hear this baby is headed to France with his dads. If I end up delivering do I get to go too?” 🙂

Loved him!

I still have two more doctors to meet and I hope they’re equally awesome!

Next appointment is at 32 weeks. 


How far along? 30 weeks

How big is baby: 15.2-16.8 inches and 3.5 lbs… The size of a cucumber.

Boobies? Sensitivity has gotten better, feeling big and heavier 

Stretch marks? No new ones. Yay! I’m using the amazing all-natural products my IFs sent me from France.

Belly button In/Out? In, I have a deep one 

Wedding ring Off/On? On. Except at night 

Symptoms? Insomnia. Frequent pee trips. Carpal tunnel in my hands at night. Crazy dreams. Always hungry. More easily tored. Back sore more often. Some sporadic swelling in feet

Sleep? Sporadic- the wrist/hand issues at night make it hard as well as vivid dreams and peeing often

Miss anything? Sushi and sleep without numbness in my hands. Bras that are comfortable 

Movement? Yes! This little guy is making his presence known often. Some times I think he’s practicing  kickboxing or soccer.  I love it 🙂

Food cravings? Anything lemon, icy drinks, steak, oatmeal cream pies, grapes

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope 

Labor signs no! And let’s keep it that way!!!!

Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy! A little more emotional sometimes.

Best moment this week: great OB visit



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  1. You are an incredible woman! Women like me, and men like your lovely IFs, are so, so grateful there are women like you in the world ❤ xxxx
    That OB sounds fantastic!!

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