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And the results are…





Much love and gratitude to you precious ladies who’ve encouraged me, prayed for us, and sent us love and sticky thoughts. Our journey continues from here and I can’t wait to share it with you! đź’™ Liz


Ready? Set. Go!


I feel like it’s been forever since my last blog post! In reality, it’s only been 15 days, but it’s been an action packed 15 days. Let me jump right in so I can keep this short and sweet.

What’s been happening:

  • 10/10 – Wisdom teeth out (no fun!) and got first draft of contract
  • 10/13 – Email from clinic saying test results great and issued medical clearance to proceed with surrogacy


  • 10/13 (also)- Phone call with my lawyer to discuss contract and a few revisions/changes it needed, revised contract sent to IFs’ lawyer
  • 10/15- Contract back from IFs with a few of their own changes, discussed with lawyer, okay with changes so I signed contract!photo 3
  • 10/16- First monitoring appointment at local clinic for blood work to check starting levels, call from nurse coordinator that all levels are good so meds are being shipped overnight!


  • 10/17-  Receive med calendar and meds, started period

photo 2

  • 10/18- Leave for cruise


  • 10/19- Started birth control pill

photo 4 (2)

  • 10/22- Stopped birth control (on it for four days total)
  • 10/23- Home from cruise
  • 10/24 – First baseline appointment at monitoring center, ultrasound was good, everything looks perfect, labs and U/S sent to RE, waiting on call to confirm start of meds.


See, I told you it’s been a busy 15 days!

My heads spinning right now and it all still feels surreal.

I’ve read other surro blogs and know how lengthy a process legal can be. It amazes me how we knocked it out so quickly. I think it’s a little bit of luck, but mostly because everyone on our team (IFs, clinic, lawyers, agency, etc.) has really been pushing to move everything along so we can have the transfer asap.

The contract was very fair and in good shape to begin with. The few changes I wanted were mostly for clarity sake. I didn’t want to have any possibility for ambiguity that could cause conflict later. I felt the IFs were extremely fair to me, so I didn’t want to stress over a few minor points that made no significant difference to the contract. That really helped us to wrap it up quickly.

As of right now, our transfer date is set for Tuesday, November 11th!!!!

Yes, that’s only like 2.5 weeks from today. I can’t believe that in a few weeks I could be almost three weeks pregnant (two weeks + 5 day old embryo). I already bought a couple (4!) pregnancy tests so I’ll be ready to POAS soon after the transfer! 🙂


For my surro friends, how many embryos did you transfer your first time and how many stuck? Also, please tell me ALL of your special transfer tricks… eating pineapple, wearing green, etc. I’m not a superstitious person, but I’m willing to try it for the sake of making my IFs proud papas! 🙂

*** UPDATE: Just got the call from my nurse coordinator to begin Estrace! Our preparation for transfer is underway!! Lab levels were good and lining was nice and thin like they wanted it, so now we build it to a fluffy one! Did anyone have side effects from Estrace? Just wondering what to be prepared for. Thanks! :)***

Making It Legal



Quick update: My agency introduced me to my attorney today (via email)!!! 🙂

A quick google search revealed that she’s a topnotch attorney and an expert in family law (including surrogacy and international adoption), which left me feeling relieved! My attorney said as soon as she has contract from my IFs we will schedule a meeting and go over it!

Samantha said they (IFs) hope to have contract by tomorrow!!! Fingers crossed it’s in good order so we can get it official ASAP and get me on meds!!!

I’m scheduled to have all four wisdom teeth removed tomorrow, so I know I’ll be out of it most of the weekend. :-/ Fingers crossed for quick recovery!

Beginning Again


photo 3

Sometimes the only way to get started is to begin again.

During a surrogate support call I attended, and from an email from the agency, I learned about some unexpected financial complications my journey with the agency would create for my family. I spoke to several people about the issues to see if there was any other remedy to the issues. There wasn’t.

As committed as I was to working with this agency, I made the difficult decision that it was not going to be a viable possibility at this time.

During the time between applying with my first agency and now, I learned SO much more about surrogacy and different agencies. I had no idea there were so many agencies when I first decided to pursue my dream. Based on the new knowledge I have, I am able to choose an agency that will still be as wonderful as the first but that won’t create an undue burden on my family.

I decided to apply with an agency based in Wisconsin. It is smaller than the first, but just as reputable and experienced. I sent an email to the owner of the agency and she quickly replied back with information and an application. One benefit of the frustration I faced getting my medical records the first time was that I had them readily at hand. I completed the application and sent it and everything else requested back to the owner.

The owner is reviewing everything I sent and promised to be back in touch soon.

It’s scary to leave the comfort of the unknown and begin a journey again with someone new. I’ve learned this journey takes patience and faith. It also requires you to go with your instincts and make hard decisions. Leaving my first agency was beyond hard. I was actually fighting back tears as I sent the email. It was a necessary hardness, though. I am choosing to have faith that this journey will eventually lead me to the destination I’m meant for… I know I’ll be able to handle whatever that destination is.

Thank you for continuing to follow me on this incredible journey!


Moving Forward & Feeling Offical!


indexI received an awesome e-mail from a case manager at my agency last night!

Jill introduced herself to me and told me she would be my case manager through my surrogacy journey. I’ve had a wonderful experience with everyone I’ve talked to at my agency, but it was exciting to finally have my own designated case manager. It made it feel very official! 🙂

She sent me several documents to review and/or complete and return such as my escrow information, release form for fertility center, W-9, etc. I fired those straight back to her this morning.

J and I are going to have a Skype or phone session next week to “meet” and go over the next steps.

I believe all I’m waiting on now is the escrow account to be set up and then they’ll be able to facilitate my medical screening appointment with my IPs’ fertility clinic!!!

In the meantime, my own little family is heading to the beach for a few days. It’s been a very long summer and I think this mini-vacation will be a great chance to relax and reconnect before all of the craziness of school and surrogacy really kick in! 🙂