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Linings and Shots, Oh My!


I had my final ultrasound on November 4th and they saw the much talked about “triple stripe”! A triple stripe means that the lining is thick enough that the two edges of the uterus are touching in the center. I picture lips – like they can be thin and not touching, or thick and touching. The thick and touching is best because they are creating a really nice comfy sticky spot for your embryos. **See example below. The outer contour of the uterus is outlined in red and the “triple stripe” endometrial (uterine) lining is outlined in green. The cervical canal is well visualized at lower right. Note: This is NOT my uterus, they wouldn’t let me take a photo of my U/S. Boo!** uterine-lining-ultrasound-draw

They wouldn’t tell me my new lining number either, just that it was above an eight and had the triple stripe they were looking for. I wasn’t a fan of this ultrasound tech and her lack of info!

My clinic called me that evening and told me everything looked perfect and to only increase my estrogen patches by one patch and make no other changes. I was also given the go-ahead to begin PIO injections two days later on Thursday!

Thursday rolled around and all day I felt a growing since of nerves about the shot I would be giving myself that evening. I’d read tons of blogs and watched just as many videos on it, so I felt as prepared as I was going to get. I will be giving myself my shots, so that also had me nervous!

Around 6:45 I got everything set up and read the instructions again. I iced the area I would be injecting and prepared my syringe. After icing for about 10 minutes, I cleaned the area with alcohol and then placed the needle against the prepared area of my hip. I’d decided that to keep my hand steady I would have to go in more slowly rather than the dart like motion many use. The needle went straight in with no problem! Whew! I pulled back slightly on plunger to be sure there was no blood, i.e. not in a vain, then began to inject the PIO. WOW! Talk about slow! At first I freaked out thinking I had somehow done something wrong. It didn’t seem to be injecting in at all. I almost pulled the needle out… thankfully, I didn’t make that mistake. Instead, I took a calming breath and then looked closely at the line markings and realized it was moving after all.

Pushing the medicine through the needle was honestly the worst part. Trying to keep the needle steady while injecting is hard to do with one hand when you’re self administering! I was so relieved when it was all finished. I sat with a heating pad for about thirty minutes afterwards and massaged every few minutes.


After posting in a group about my experience, I had several surrogates comment that icing isn’t a good idea for PIO injections. I decided to check with my nurse coordinator for more information. Sure enough, she sent back the following message:

“We do recommend against icing the area before injecting as it will tighten the muscle and work against your body absorbing the medication quicker. You will still absorb it but you will have a painful knot. We recommend to give yourself the injection then apply a heating pad and massage. Icing the area may help the initial needle poke be less painful but it will cause your muscle and the injection to create a painful knot. Icing is not worth it. Heat and massage are your best bet against the knot.”

Needless to say, that was my first and only injection using ice pack! The next day I swapped to my other hip and didn’t ice first. I would say it hurt only a fraction more. What was really hard was trying to inject using my none dominant hand. It was extremely challenging to hold syringe steady while still pressing the plunger. This resulted in the needle moving around more, so I bled a little after the injections. I’ve decided I’m probably only going to be able to self admin in my right side. My partner isn’t really up for sticking me, so we’ve decided I’ll stick the needle in on the left side but she’ll actually do the pushing of the med. Maybe after a bit she’ll work up the nerve (and so will I) to stab me also! 🙂

My final blood draw was Friday, November 7th. Sarah called and said all of my numbers were perfect and everything was a go for the transfer on Tuesday, November 11th! I messaged my guys to tell them and they messaged me and sent back a “selfie” and looked so happy and excited. It made my evening. They’ve really been fantastic with their care and communication. They send encouraging messages when starting shots or after appointments. I’m looking forward to this wonderful journey with them. 🙂

I fly to Vegas on Monday and will be there until Friday. It’s going to be hard being away from my own family, but it will be so worth it if we get a beautiful positive pregnancy test on the first try! 🙂

How soon did you test after transfer and when did you get your first positive?


Please, No Tricks, Just Treats!


I sat in the waiting room on Halloween morning at my monitoring clinic and kept repeating that mantra over and over in my head… “No tricks, just treats. No tricks, just treats.” 

This was the first appointment to check my lining post-period and since starting estrogen. My transfer is still 11 days away, so I knew going into the appointment that I still had time for them to adjust my protocol and fluff up my lining.

I’ve been preparing for pregnancy by taking my vitamins, staying active and drinking a daily smoothie a friend gave me the recipes for that she calls her “get preggo smoothie”. 🙂 I’ve also heard certain yoga positions can  help with blood flow in the uterus, which will help with a fluffy lining, so I’ve been doing that, too!


I started my Estrace pills (estradiol) on Oct 23rd (2mg, 3 times a day). I went for labs on Oct 27th and the results came back good. They then started me on Vivelle patches (estradiol) (2 patches, change every 72 hours) that evening (Oct 27th).

So far I haven’t experienced any really noticeable side effects. Knock on wood and say a thank you prayer! My partner says I’ve been hormonal, but I think that’s really more attributed to nerves! (I politely reminded her it’s NEVER okay to tell a woman trying to get knocked up that she’s hormonal. 🙂 ) I did feel a little warmer at work yesterday- almost sweaty, but not quite. I checked my temperature just to be certain I wasn’t coming down with a cold and it was in the normal range. Odd.

So, back to my appointment this morning!

First they took my blood and then we got down to the business of the vaginal ultrasound. I’ve gotten accustomed to Mr. Weenie Wand, but I still think he owes me dinner after all this action!


The ultreasound lady (I don’t know her actual title, oops) was snapping away taking lots of measurements of everything. After a couple minutes she announced that everything looked great and I could go ahead and get redressed. I asked her if she was able to get the measurements and could she PLEASE tell me (okay, really I almost begged).

She announced that I was at an 8!!!

Trying to contain my glee, I said, “Are you sure?”

“Absolutely, that’s why it took a little longer. I was measuring it twice to be certain,” she said with a big smile on her face.


So, there you have it! We’re at an 8!!!! For those who don’t know, in order to be cleared for your transfer the MINIMUM lining I’ve heard of anyone being approved at is at least a 7. Meaning, I’ve surpassed that and still have 11 days until the transfer, so still time to get even fluffier.

My fingers and toes are crossed that the embro(s) will like my fluffy lining and make a comfy home there to grow, grow, grow!

I immediately messaged my IFs to tell them the news and they were very excited. 🙂


I’m still waiting to get the official call from my nurse coordinator later today to confirm everything and hear if any changes are needed in my med protocol.

My next blood draw and U/S is 11/4, start PIO on 11/6, and last blood draw before transfer is 11/7. I’m as ready for shots as I’m going to get! I’ve watched dozens of videos, organized my meds, and purchased heating pad and ice packs! Any suggestions or tips for self-administering the shots is appreciated!


November 11th transfer here we come! 🙂