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25 Week Bumpdate


Hello 25 weeks!!! This past week flew by. I’ve been busy getting ready  for my trip to visit the guys. Which means I’ve bought some cute maternity clothes, dug out my suitcase and taken inventory of what I still need. ๐Ÿ˜

How far along? 25 weeks

How big is baby: 14 inches & 2 lbs!โ€ฆ  the size of Napa cabbage or cauliflower (depends the app). 

Boobies? Still getting bigger! 

Stretch marks? No new ones. Yay! Iโ€™m using the amazing all-natural products my IFs sent me from France.

Belly button In/Out? In 

Wedding ring Off/On? On. Except at night 

Symptoms? Insomnia. Frequent pee trips. Carpal tunnel in my hands at night- this is majorly annoying – wrist braces at night help some. Some swelling in feet. Back aches.

Sleep? Sporadic- the wrist/hand issues at night make it hard as well as vivid dreams and peeing often. I feel well rested most days though.

Miss anything? Sushi, sleep without numbness in my hands, shoes and bras that fit!

Movement? Yes! Frequently. I look forward to it. He’s very active after I’ve moved around a bit and then sit still. Definitely stronger! I noticed outside movement for the first time this week. ๐Ÿ™‚

Food cravings? Anything lemon, icy drinks, steak, and also milk is a new recent one. 

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope 

Labor signs no! And letโ€™s keep it that way!!!!

Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy! A little more emotional sometimes.

Best moment this week: Feeling and seeing baby movement from outside my belly.