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Transfer & the Two Week Wait


Flying into Vegas on Monday, November 10th, I felt surprisingly calm. All through the weekend leading up to my trip for the transfer, I’d felt nervous excitement. I’d double checked my packing list and suitcase five times to be sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. Now, watching the the lights of the city come into view, I felt calm and a sense of purpose like never before.

That night I walked around the Promenade outside my hotel and savored the sights and sounds. My RE was putting me on full bed rest after the transfer, so I wanted to enjoy the little bit of freedom to roam while I still could. Brick oven, roasted veggie pizza and a lemon cupcake from the famous Sprinkles bakery made for a yummy last supper. 🙂

IMG_1213The next morning I grabbed a chai tea frappuchino from Starbucks and walked to the Eiffel Tower in the Paris area of Las Vegas a few blocks from my hotel.I made a wish for this to be a successful transfer and tossed my penny. I thought it was a good sign that there was a little bit of France in Las Vegas since my IFs’ embryos were created in
Vegas for a life in France! :


I arrived at the fertility center and, after having my blood drawn, was quickly taken back to the “holding area” for those having their transfers. I know fertility issues impact so many different women, but it was eye opening to see this in person. There was about five girls in the holding area with me and each one was seemingly very different from the next. I was sitting next to this gorgeous young woman who looked to be about my age. We talked about her IVF story and my surrogacy journey as we waited for our turn. Talking to her reminded me of how much of an honor it is for me to (hopefully) be able to help my IFs start a family they couldn’t otherwise achieve on their own.

Once it was my turn, I undressed from the waist down and was wrapped in a sheet to cover myself. My nurse coordinator had my IFs ready online using the clinic’s live feed so they were able to be a part of the process. It was exciting to see them again and see their excitement. They kept asking if I was okay and comfortable throughout the procedure. I love that about them… their caring hearts and kind personalities.

IMG_1256The actual transfer took less than 10 minutes. I placed my legs in the stirrups, got comfortable and then the doctor guided the catheter into my uterus with the assistance of ultrasound. Once everything was in place, the embryologist brought over the two embryos and they were transferred to my uterus. It was incredible to be able to see them (technically the ebryotic fluid ) on the screen once they were placed inside. It was a little white line where there hadn’t been one before. The procedure didn’t hurt at all. The only part that was uncomfortable was when the nurse was pressing on my lower pelvis with the ultrasound wand thing. You have to have a very full bladder for the procedure to help compress your uterus and make it easier to see everything. It was definitely a struggle not to pee right there on the table. That would have been mortifying!

After the procedure was over, we said goodbye to the guys and the doctor gave me more instructions on aftercare and what to expect next. I was then moved back to the holding area where I had to lay flat with knees up for twenty minutes. Next, I was taken back to the hotel for my my bed rest to begin. Even though the doctor assured me the embryos couldn’t “fall out”, I still basically tiptoed through the hotel to my room. Ha!

I spent the rest of the week resting and trying to stay as relaxed as possible. That was the beginning of the dreaded two week wait, which, for the record, is complete torture! The 2WW is the time in between the transfer taking place and when you have your first beta blood test to determine pregnancy. I originally didn’t plan to take any home pregnancy tests during this time, but the not knowing seems so much worse then knowing something bad.

After being on bed rest for 2.5 days, I was finally able to fly home that Friday. True to fashion, there were plane delays that resulted in me not making it home until very late that night. I’ve never been so glad to be home after being away from my family for the whole week! 🙂

IMG_1268I made a testing pack with another surro from my agency who had her transfer the same day as me. We tested on Saturday, which was 4 days past 5 day transfer. We both got negatives. 😦 Still, at only 4dpt, we’re not worrying because we know we have plenty of time to get our BFP (big fat positive). I go tomorrow morning (Monday) for my first post-transfer blood test (not beta) to check my estrogen and progesterone levels.

Tomorrow morning will be 5.5dpt, and I plan to test again. I’m really praying for that BFP then. Please continue to keep me in and my IFs in your thoughts and/or prayers! They want this so badly, and the thought of neither embryo sticking is a heart breaking one!